We were very excited to launch a Domestic Homicide Review (DHR) Network in the Spring of 2021 to help raise the standard of DHRs nationally. Our chief goal is to create a consistently high standard of DHRs and offer resources to support the key professionals involved.

Who is it for?

The DHR Network is primarily for Community Safety Partnerships (CSP) and Independent Chairs, but we are open to views about who else might benefit from membership.

What are the benefits of joining?

The benefits you receive as a member are:

  • Contacts and networking with your peers in other areas via the DHR Network Discussion Forum.
  • Contacts and networking with other professionals with a role or interest in work via the DHR Network Discussion Forum.
  • Quarterly e-bulletins with news and updates.
  • A Directory of Independent Chairs.
  • Commissioning alerts when a Community Safety Partnership is looking for an Independent Chair for a new DHR.
  • Networking events.
  • Resources online –we are working on a repository and welcome contributions from our knowledgeable and informed members.
  • Focus groups looking at professional standards around the Independent Chair role. This is a longer term piece of work, which may depend on funding and the emerging policy landscape, but it is a conversation we are committed to having as part of the aims of the network –to raise the standard of DHRs.

For more information about what the DHR Network can offer, membership types and associated fees, take a look at our Membership Information Pack

You can register to join the DHR Network here - DHR Network Registration Form (google.com).

If you work in a different role, or have a personal interest in DHRs, or would otherwise like to be in touch about the DHR Network directly, please email us at: DHRnetwork@aafda.org.uk.

We also have a dedicated Twitter account for the project, so you can follow us at @DHRnetwork for news and updates.

We look forward to hearing from you!